Carla Kaeding

Carla Kaeding is pleased to return to Family & Friends Foundation after 6 years. Previously she was financial administrator for the foundation from 2004-2013 and saw many of the funds in their early stages. Carla & her husband Warren operated Wagon Wheel Seed Corp from 1986-2012 at which time they sold the farm to move on to new adventures. While assisting with the business operations of the pedigreed seed farm, Carla maintained a part time job with Parkland College as instructor and coordinator for a twenty year term. When an opportunity to serve her local community of Churchbridge as Town Administrator came available in 2010 she decided it was a way to give back to the community where she lived. After completing nine years of service she will retire from that position in 2019 and continue with her part position as Program Manager for Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmer Program, of which Carla and Warren received recognition in 1999.

Warren & Carla reside in Churchbridge and enjoy spending time with their sons, Michael in Regina and Matthew in Toronto as well as travelling when the opportunity arises.