Brookelyn Day Fund

The Family & Friends Foundation is a non profit Foundation servicing the municipalities of Churchbridge, Langenburg & Spy Hill, SK. Within the Foundation the majority of the Funds are Endowment Funds where the money contributed remains in the Foundation & the interest earned is granted. Another type of Fund is a Flow Through Fund which means that the money contributed can be accessed through grant applications at anytime.

My husband, Randy & I have 2 children with Aspergers & beautiful twin grand babies that have high special needs due to being born extremely pre-mature. Randy & I have established the Brookelyn Day Fund as a Flow through Fund, & should enough funds be raised will also establish the Brookelyn Day Endowment Fund.

It is named in memory of the daughter, Brookelyn Day, I had in 1979 who was full term & stillborn. It is also in memory of all the babies who went to heaven way too soon due to miscarriages, stillbirths, crib deaths, early childhood illnesses, birth defects or accidents. A Mother’s heart never forgets…neither does a Father’s nor any who have loved these little ones or those who with joyous hearts have anticipated their arrival.

The Brookelyn Day Fund has also been established to honor the children who are hungry, those who are ill, those with special needs, those who are being bullied & the bullies themselves, those who have been abused…mentally, physically & sexually, those who’s self esteem is low…along with their families, friends, teachers & care givers. This fund is for children & their families.

In our communities we have children coming to school with hungry tummies…without proper nourishment their ability to learn is greatly inhibited. There are some local heroes who have been contributing to snack cupboards & food programs & they need our help.

We have families overwhelmed with counseling, medical & travel costs to obtain treatment for their children.

We have many kids who are being bullied & they, along with the bullies need to be educated that the antidote for bullying is kindness & self esteem.

We already have some corporations on board with contributions & they have asked what levels of contributions are in place. There are many levels of contributing:
Firstly & most importantly we have:

“Brookelyn’s Companions”

A companion is a person who shares the experience of another especially when these are unpleasant or unwelcome.
These contributors range from the child who wants to donate $1 or $2 from their allowance so their friend can have a breakfast or lunch to those who will contribute $20, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more.

Then we have:

“Brookelyn’s Guardians”

A guardian is one who protects & defends. These are the ones who will stand in the gap to provide for advocacy, special need assistance, education & counseling for those less fortunate. They will contribute $1000 - $1999.

And next there are:

“Brookelyn’s Champions”

A champion is someone who vigorously supports or defends a person or a cause. They will stand up to defend the rights of our children to have full tummies so their brains can learn …so they can become the leaders of tomorrow. They contribute $2000 - $4999

And then there are:

“Brookelyn’s Enthusiasts”

An enthusiast is one who is ardently attached to a cause or pursuit.
They will help to lead the charge to provide nutrition, education, health & wellness for those who cannot provide their own. They give $5000 or more.

Together we can do this…we can pay it forward.
The Family & Friends Foundation will keep
making a difference…Because of You!

Laying Cornerstones for the Future

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