Restoring & Caring for Our Cemeteries

Family & Friends Community Foundation was scarcely incorporated when it was approached to assist in creating permanent endowment funds for the restoration and care of cemeteries in the community.

Today, several endowment funds have been created to provide grants to registered charities who have undertaken the important task of preserving our communities’ cemeteries, many of them historic and no longer used. The interest has also led to the incorporation of Heritage Cemeteries Project Inc., a non-profit corporation intent to restore and maintain several cemeteries in the area.

Those wishing to contribute to a cemetery fund held with Family & Friends Community Foundation have the assurance that the Foundation will hold their donation in perpetuity, with the interest earned each year granted to the registered charity in charge of the particular cemetery, often a church or Heritage Cemeteries Project Inc.

Currently Family & Friends Community Foundation holds endowment funds for the following cemeteries:

So long as the Foundation has a reasonable prospect of receiving $5,000, it will create new funds to accommodate any cemetery.

The measure of a community’s respect for those who have gone before is the care it provides to its cemeteries. The Foundation is pleased to hold endowment funds to ensure that the care of our cemeteries is assured for all generations.

Did You Know?

What, exactly, is Family & Friends Community Foundation?

Family & Friends Community Foundation Inc., incorporated in 2003, is a non-profit corporation with charitable tax status that accepts donations and sets invests the principal donation in an endowment fund.

The Foundation then annually grants four percent of the interest to charitable organizations in the communities of Churchbridge, Langenburg and Spy Hill. Any interest over four percent earned on the fund will be returned to the fund to help it grow.

Who decides what types of endowment funds will be created?

Donors direct the Foundation as to where their donations will be held. The Foundation has several types of endowment funds. Some are general without specific designation. Others are highly specific, like palliative care or a school. Cemetery endowment funds have been created for the following cemeteries: Churchbridge, Thingvalla, Beresina, St. Paul (Marchwell), Ingleside, Spy Hill, St. Joseph’s Catholic, Landshut, Christ Lutheran Langenburg and Bethel Lutheran. Over $75,000 is now held in these funds.

So, what happens with money in a specific cemetery endowment fund?

Donors can name a specific cemetery and the Foundation will invest the donation in that fund. The interest will be given only to that cemetery for its care and maintenance.

If my church has a cemetery fund, why should I give a gift to Family & Friends, rather than my church fund?

Family & Friends wants to complement, not compete with, existing cemetery funds. Each donor must decide whether the Foundation’s program better suits his or her needs. Perhaps a donor is not associated with a particular church which cares for a cemetery, but would still like to support the cemetery. Some cemeteries do not have an existing fund dedicated to their care. Once a donor makes a donation to a particular cemetery fund with Family & Friends, the fund cannot be used for any other purpose.

How do I make a donation to a particular cemetery endowment fund?

You can direct the Foundation to accept your donation and name a cemetery you wish to support. The written instructions you give to the Foundation ensures your donation is held in perpetuity (indefinitely) in that particular fund. Donation forms are available online at

Can I get a tax receipt?

Yes, for a donation exceeding $20.00. The Foundation encourages donations exceeding at least $100.00 to make a significant contribution of interest.

I have also heard of a non-profit corporation called The Heritage Cemeteries Project Inc. What is the difference between its work and the work of the Foundation?

Family and Friends assisted a group of volunteers to incorporate The Heritage Cemeteries Project Inc. (HCP) to address the deterioration of certain cemeteries in the community, particularly Beresina and Logberg. HCP needs your generous support to raise funds for ongoing projects. For long term endowment funds, you will want to provide your gift to Family & Friends; for immediate care of certain cemeteries, you will want to provide your gift to HCP.

I still have more questions - who do I ask?

You can speak to any member of the board of directors of the Foundation, or E-mail:

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