Churchbridge Grad Legacy Fund

Our Beginning:

Family & Friends Community Foundation Inc. hosted a grad luncheon in March 2007 for the Churchbridge Grade 12 graduating class.  $100.00 was donated as a prize for a fun bingo whereupon the first donation to what is now the Grad Legacy Fund was deposited.  A successful challenge for other donations immediately followed.

Our Growth:

By the end of June 2007, and just three months after our first donation, the endowment fund had increased to $7200.00.  A plaque, to be hung in the school, was presented by Family & Friends Foundation to the Grade 12 students at their graduation to honor them for this achievement.  From 2008 to December 2013 the fund continued to increase to almost $16,000 through donations and annual fundraising.

Our Giving Back:

Through the Family and Friends foundation, the Churchbridge Grad Legacy Fund annually contributes back to Churchbridge Public School.  Since 2007, the Family and Friends Foundation have granted Churchbridge Public School $3403.00 to directly benefit the students’ educational experience.

Our Goals:

“For the benefit of the students”.  Students want the interest which will be granted annually, to be used to benefit the students in whatever way is most beneficial in that particular year.

Examples would be:

Academic, Sports, Scholarships, Music, Art, Drama, Counseling Teen Issues & Student Leadership

As well, our goal is to increase the principal which is held in perpetuity with Family & Friends Community Foundation Inc.  By using our initiative, we will keep striving to bring in donations to enlarge the fund.  Donations are tax deductible and are a “gift that goes on giving”.

Our Support:

The following support the endowment fund by working closely to administer the fund, approving grant spending and obtaining donations:

Each year Family & Friends will provide grants to the Churchbridge Public School Programs from the interest earned on the fund.  Grants will be made in consultation with the school representatives.

Former Student’s Comments:

Former Churchbridge graduate student has proudly contributed to our endowment fund; glad to be able to “give something back” to the school where she received her education and enabled her to continue and attain a successful career as a university graduate.

Teacher’s Comment:

“I feel that the Churchbridge Grad Legacy Fund will benefit all students at Churchbridge Public School in ways that will support and enhance their education and school experience.  Giving any size of contribution will help the fund to grow and will benefit all students present and future.”       

– Clara Haacke, CPS Teacher

Laying Cornerstones for the Future

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