Gifts in Memory

“Commemorate the life of a departed loved one...”

Families often want to commemorate the life of a departed loved one by encouraging gifts to a favorite charity. Traditionally few charities have existed to allow families to promote charitable causes in their own community.

With the founding of Family & Friends Community Foundation in 2003, an opportunity now exists to fund local charitable causes like health facilities, sports, art, youth, seniors, educational scholarships, music and museums.

Gifts given in memory of a loved one will form part of the foundation’s endowment funds. These funds will be held in perpetuity, with interest earned on the endowment annually granted to local charities.

A gift to family and friends becomes a “gift that keeps on giving” since the principal amount stays invested. Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $20.00.

Available Options:

Family & Friends Community Foundation Inc. will work with your family to accommodate your family’s goals. You might wish to consider the following options:

A Charity of Choice...
Your family can request that persons give gifts to Family & Friends in memory of a departed memory of a departed family member. If you wish to name Familiy & Friends as the charity of your choice ask your funeral director to ensure that appropriate notices are placed in announcements and bulletins.

You can name one of the Foundation’s already - established Funds - for example, the Health & Palliative Care Fund, the Little Red Car Fund for Kids, or any other existing fund.

Family - Named Fund...
With an endowment of $5,000.00, Family & Friends will create a special fund named after your departed loved one.
You can also designate a field - of - interest so all interest earned on the endowment will be directed to special charitable causes - for example, health, sports or seniors. With a designated field - of - interest, the board of Family & Friends will ensure that interest earned on the fund is granted to promote those causes in the community.

You can also specify that grants will be made with your recommendation.

Gifts in Memory...
At anytime Family & Friends will accept gifts in memory of a departed loved one. In each annual report the foundation will give special recognition to gift received in memory of a loved one.

Laying Cornerstones for the Future

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