Irene Adams Fund

Irene Adams leaves a legacy of community-building and volunteerism. In 2020, her donation creating a named fund in the Family & Friends Community Foundation will continue to support arts and education in the community; these are causes in which she invested her thought, time and efforts.

Born on a farm near Churchbridge, Irene developed an early a love of language and found an outlet of expression in her writing. Many of her poems and short stories were published in the Western Producer as part of a young writers club. She followed her calling and became a teacher. Most of her career was spent teaching senior English at Langenburg High School where she opened up the world of debate, drama, Toastmasters and English literature to her students.

While teaching she served with the Potashville Teachers Association and the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation. She was involved with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, the Royal Purple, the Library Board, and politics federally, provincially and as a member of Langenburg Town Council.

After her retirement in 1991, she expanded her scope travelling to serve on district, provincial and national boards. She was a founding member of the Langenburg Arts Council, Peace Parkland Lutheran Parish, the Family & Friends Community Foundation and served on the East Central District Health Board Foundation. In 1992, Irene was honoured to receive the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada from the Office of the Governor General “in recognition of significant contribution to compatriots, community and to Canada.”

Not long after her 85th birthday, Irene was asked what compelled her to dedicate so many hours to volunteering in the community. She said, “A community is built when people come together. It is when someone says, ‘I want you to do this.’ And then it becomes, ‘We want you to do this.’ That is when you respond and say, ‘Okay, this needs to be done, so I might as well do it.” Afterwards, one can look back and be pleased with what has been accomplished, piece by piece and step by step over the years.

When thanked for her generosity in establishing a fund that will support the causes and the work of the volunteers in the community she loves, Irene simply said, “It is the natural thing to do.”

Giving back to your community is the natural thing to do
- Irene Adams

Laying Cornerstones for the Future

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