Walter & Vera Fieseler Endowment Fund

Walter & Vera Fieseler are the first donors to create an endowment fund during their lifetime. With an extraordinary gift of 50,000.00 lifetime resident Walter Fieseler and his wife, Vera (Wetstein) formerly of Kronau, Saskatchewan have began the Walter and Vera Fieseler Endowment fund.

When asked why he and his wife have so generously gifted 50,000.00 to the Foundation, Walter states that he wishes to confer benefits upon his family especially his grandchildren, and his community, while he can see and enjoy the results that his gifts will bring. He explains the Family and Friends Community foundation has given him an opportunity to show appreciation to the community in which he, Vera, and his extended family have enjoyed a safe prosperous life.

Laying Cornerstones for the Future

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