Grant Application Guidelines

The following grant application guidelines have been approved for the agencies completing grant applications:

*** The following guidelines do not apply to designated cemetery funds.

  • 1. Projects approved for granting must primarily benefit the people of the Family & Friends Community Foundation Inc. region, which include the the communities within the boundaries of the Langenburg, Churchbridge and Spy Hill Rural Municipalities.
  • 2. Grants are made only to non-profit organizations with Canada Revenue Agency Charitable Registration numbers or other "qualified donees" under the Income Tax Act (Canada), including towns and municipalities. A recipient that qualifies as above, with the recipient's permission, may be designated by an applicant (where the applicant is not otherwise a "qualified donee") as the recipient of the grant for the applicant. Where a recipient is designated by an applicant, the grant will be paid directly to the recipient.
  • 3. Preference will be given to projects which contribute to the community’s growing needs for artistic, cultural, recreational, educational, and historical and health related programs.
  • 4. Capital projects will be considered if there is a demonstrated need.
  • 5. Projects must include provisions for an evaluation and a realistic plan for financial viability beyond the pilot stage.
  • 6. The Foundation encourages the participation of others in funding projects and on occasion provides matching funds or challenges grants to stimulate increased responses from other sources.
  • 7. Grants are unavailable to promote political activities.
  • 8. All applicants will be required to complete a grant application form and supply requested reference information. A meeting with Foundation directors and or staff may be required.
  • 9. Applicants receiving a grant will be required to submit a final report upon completion of the project. Please notify the Foundation if project is not completed prior to July 31.
  • 10. The Foundation reserves the right to audit the project upon completion or at intervals during the project.

The Application

  • The deadline for applications is November 30. Applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision approximately 6-8 weeks after the deadline.
  • Please be sure that the application form is legible and easily copied.
  • Please complete the form using only the space provided.
  • All applications must include a current budget, annual financial statement and a quote for project before they will be considered.